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ant_trailDo not Purchase pesticide for Fire Ants! Instead use professional ant control help from trusted pest control company. There is my story…

I could stop there, but I will carry on. I want to inform you about products that I use and things that work. I believe it really is equally reasonable to inform you about products that I feel do not work and pesticide Fire Ant Killer does not work sufficient for me personally.

My wife has decided do it yourself about two weeks ago and picked up a bag of the stuff. Used to do maybe not know she was likely to purchase it. If I did, I might have shared with her to purchase Bayer Brand ant get a grip on products and services. Just my own choice. Anyway, I fussed at her a small , but she actually did not understand. She takes care of the inside house, and I simply take care of the exterior.

Pesticide Fire Ant Killer

Since she already purchased it, I figured I would give it an opportunity. There is a constant know. It could have already been a brilliant product. I have many fire ant mounds in my own yard at this time, and I am looking to get all of them in check. This is actually the time of the year in the south when fire ants are almost uncontrollable. The current weather is warm, and we now have had lots of rain. Perfect conditions for fire ants.

I will be the ant exterminator in my own yard and these small insects need to be killed before they attack someones ankles. When you have not suffered from the fire ant assault, consider yourself blessed. It really is quite painful, and the sores can continue a few weeks where you might be bitten.

I place the pesticide ant killer on some fire ant mounds over a week past. I really stirred up the mounds and then sprinkled the pesticide all over the knoll to be sure the fire ants would carry the poison deep into the colony and hopefully kill the queen when there is one.

Now when I checked, the pectracide has been completely unsuccessful. The ants you live just fine. The remnants of the pesticide are all around the fire ant mounds , and the pectracide has been absolutely worthless. This pisses me off to no end, and I believe I will return the merchandise back again to the shop.

I have always recommended Bayer Products and services. If you want to see more, take a look at a number of my other hubs. Kill Carpenter Ants and also Bayer Carpenter Ant Killer. Do not purchase pesticide Fire Ant Killer. Kill Carpenter Ants is upon us, and that generally means if you cannot cope with then, they will come back and you will get more and more ants. That is why it is so important to contact you local pest control. For Toronto residents I would recommend contacting  Toronto Pest Control.